5 Best Places Young Guys Can Meet Single Cougar Women

By | August 14, 2017

seeking cougarIf you are planning to date a single cougar woman, the first challenge for you is to know where you will meet one in the first place.

To make your quest easier, here are some of the best places to hang out and meet all those lovely and gorgeous cougars:

1. Online Dating Sites/Apps

Thanks to the presence of the internet, there are now online dating sites and apps that are especially dedicated to single cougar women. These sites and apps are made while keeping in mind the concerns and needs of this particular group of women who are definitely different from the usual ladies you probably know. The only thing you have to do is to choose the best sites with the most number of verified cougars to ensure that you will find your sweet cougar in no time at all.

2. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are the common places where older businesswomen go to before they head off to their daily place of employment. Try to get in line to start some idle conversation with these ladies. You can ask that beautiful woman if she comes to the coffee shop often, and if she can suggest a good iced coffee or latte. This is a great way to get her attention without making her feel as if you invaded her personal space. And the next time you see her, you can offer to buy her a drink, and you know what you should do next.

3. Shopping Center

These mature ladies usually love to spend their free time shopping, so why not visit the nearest shopping centers in your area, then? You can simply take a stroll, and lend a helping hand if you saw one who is struggling to carry all of her shopping bags. Just make sure that you don’t come off like someone stalking her. Be as subtle as you can, and you will soon get her attention.

4. The Gym

If you happen to live in a really small town, it could prove to be a bit difficult to find single cougar women. However, there will always be some great places which will let you do what you are intent to do. All towns have local gyms so try to get a membership then go there every day to workout. These places are famous for being flocked by clientele of all ages. Since older women love keeping their body in tiptop shape, you can find them in here sweating themselves out.

5. Book Stores

Reading is always a comforting pastime for ladies who have been spending all their life working and reaching for their goals. A quick trip to a bookstore will give a chance to get a glimpse of some lovely ladies browsing the aisles and searching for a good read. If you have some great books you know, suggest a title, and strike a witty conversation. Before you know it, they will be the one to ask you out for some chitchat.