5 Useful Cougar Dating Tips

By | April 26, 2016

cougar dating tipsDating a cougar can be tricky. Cougar dating is still a trend, which isn’t going to slow down anytime soon and TV shows like Cougar Town are only adding to the popularity. It is to be borne in mind that not every cougar you come across is actually looking for a playmate. There are a lot of older women out there who seek real relationships. This is why you should be careful while looking out for a cougar. As older women have very little patience for the tantrums of younger men, it would be wise to follow these no – fail tips and you will see the results for yourself.

  • Be assertive: If you are shy, it will give an impression that you’re either confused or have absolutely no idea of what you’re looking for. Remember, this isn’t the time to be shy. Nothing is sexier than a confident man who knows what exactly he wants. Reach out to her, convey your expectations and see her chase you.
  • Don’t give her a label: While they might have become popular because of the term ‘Cougar’, a lot of them find the word offensive. Cougars are often referred to as sexual predators and portrayed in negative roles in various TV shows and movies. This is probably why the older woman you’re dating hates the word.
  • You don’t have to remind her of the age gap: Well, this is quite obvious but at times men forget this and end up making a mess. She is well aware of the fact that she is older to you and has a different set of responsibilities. You wouldn’t want to make her angry by reminding the same.
  • Be patient: While there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that sex is going to get hotter than ever before, you should be spending time to understand her outside the bedroom too. Ask her what she likes and what she absolutely hates. This will allow you to understand her expectations from you as well as assist you in determining her limits.
  • Give her space: By the time a woman approaches her 40s, you can take it for granted that she is comfortable living alone and loves her personal space. It is to be borne in mind that anyone intruding her personal space wouldn’t be spared. Instead of reaching out to her at off hours of the day, try making yourself more desirable and she would come to you.

As mentioned earlier, dating a cougar can be tricky. However, if you stick to the above mentioned guidelines, there is nothing stopping you from connecting the perfect cougar partner online or in the real world.