OlderWomenDating.com Singles Study: 52% Are Over 40

By | October 9, 2017

Over 40 womanProbably one of the worst stigmas in this world is that an old person can never fall in love. But, based on the study conducted by OlderWomenDating.com, it has been revealed that 52% of its single members are actually over 40.

But, what could be the reason of these over 40 singles for joining the older women dating service or a senior dating website? What is so exciting about dating older women?

Almost half of these people have stated that their primary reason for dating was to have someone to do things with or someone to talk to. Companionship is no doubt very important, whatever your age might be. The better you know yourself, the better you can be in choosing partners who will complement you and enhance your everyday life. Thus, there are really some great benefits of dating over 40 or whatever age where you can reflect on all of your long years of experiences and genuinely learning from your past.

One advantage that over 40 singles will surely agree with is that at this point in time, many of them have had various experiences in at least one or a couple serious relationships. This gives older women a chance to reflect on their patterns. They can think about the people they have chosen, and question the traits they are searching for.

Most people often wind up with just the same type of partner in exactly the same type of relationship without even knowing or realizing how they got there. A very important concept to remember when dating over 40 singles is that you might not always be attracted to the right relationships. There is a tendency for relationships to fail when you look for and pair up with someone whose negative traits and defenses perfectly complement your own.

As far as pursuing a romantic relationship is concerned, there is no need to get stuck or act automatically based on old patterns you. You can always resist falling into a certain relationship based on familiar dynamic or form, and choose instead a real connection or what you call a fantasy bond, the illusion of fusion wherein two individuals seek a feeling of familiarity and safety by selecting people who fit with the old identities. The couples who are in this fantasy bond usually merge their identities wherein they form a unit and not two independent people.

Through understanding your history, you can make a conscious effort in making different choices, looking for new types of partners, and challenging your own destructive tendencies. The more you are willing to look into your own emotional baggage and reveal your real self, the more successful you will be in your intimate relationships.

The worries about the thought of getting older can make it too easy for you to succumb to the common stereotype that love is only for kids. But, senior dating websites are a proof that it is never undignified or foolish to love whatever you age might be. In fact, love can help you live longer as it brings you out of your shell. After all, it is never too late to fall in love.