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What Qualities do Older Women Want in a Younger Man?

The reasons why many older, successful women are dating younger men is close to the same as the reasons why many older, successful men are dating younger women. Although youth and appearance are factors, the main one appears to be the willingness of the younger men and women to accommodate what the older men and… Read More »

Tips for Older Women: 7 Types of Profile Pictures Make You Get No Attention

Age is just number. I have heard this in my whole life but realized when I have start using dating websites where age is actually a number. Because people on dating websites does not really care about age and prefer to date with a person who share the common interest and hobbies etc. Recent studies… Read More »

How To Write A Perfect Cougar Dating Profile

In a study, it showed that 34 percent of older women with 40 years of age were dating younger men. Today, there are also numerous celebrities hooking up with younger guys. If you are interested to meeting a cougar in your area, yet you find it hard doing it, why not try the online way.… Read More »

7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cougar Woman?

There was a time when older women dating younger men were considered immoral. It was said that older women take advantage of the younger man’s experience and use him for sex. However, things changed over the years and the world started accepting the idea of cougar dating. In fact, dating a cougar woman became a… Read More »